Vivid Hong Kong

This is just a short one, but I wanted to share with you this breathtakingly brilliant piece of film which documents some of the best and unknown bits of Hong Kong in a very cool and slick time-lapse production.

Called Hong Kong Accelerate, it is brought to you by those creative geniuses at Spot on Idea and manages to reflect the wonder which is this great city.  Anyone who can get the Star Ferry to look like some sort of bath toy is worthy of applaud.

I sent this through to a few friends, with one commenting on how Vivid Hong Kong is and to me that perfectly sums up this city. It’s a bright and distinctive city, which is fresh and striking to everyone who visits.  Watching this video I was able to again view the city through those fresh eyes I had a couple of years back when I first arrived.  I am very thankful for that so cheers guys!

If you’ve not seen it – please enjoy it here.

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