A brief hello… and I’m back…

So after a brief hiatus from my blog, I am now back and focused on giving you all some insight into what’s going on in Hong Kong and Asia.  Not that I have much to discuss today mind.  For those who don’t know though, I recently changed jobs and upgraded myself as a professional.  I wanted to continue my stay in Hong Kong but needed something else to focus on, to keep my interest in the city high and to stop that usual 2 years-in feeling of staleness and boredom.

I had a choice. 

I could either find a new job which would take more of my time and energy, or find a new challenge in the form of a hobby. 

Given my previous disastrous attempts at learning a local language, this was quickly out the equation.  No one deserves to have to deal with me on a Tuesday evening trying to prounounce “Ngóh go mèhng giu Wai On!”  I considered Dragon Boating but decided that I would again defer this commitment for another year.  I have friends who have started baking, gardening, painting, hiking… but for me, that is one hell of a weekend and I really don’t have the vigour for this sort of lifestyle.

So a change of career it was… 

Shall be adding some new stories, experience and observations soon!

For now though, I just wanted to say hi!

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